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Sometimes we have to talk about health issues even when you are on vacation. So how do you avoid wasting these precious days off? These are some of our tips to act against these unpleasant setbacks.

The first equipment we have is the Internet, an indispensable source of information and knowledge. With a simple Google search, for example, you can find out who to contact or where to ask in case of a health emergency, such as the website of the Cagliari Local Health Authority with a list of hospitals in the city. It is then possible to check in real time the distance of the most sought after emergency rooms in the city of Cagliari and the estimated waiting time from the MonitorProntoSoccorso site and application. The big limitation of these services is that they are only available in Italian

For those who do not speak Italian and buy immediate online support, MediQuo and Ada are two apps that can be useful: the first offers an online medical consultation, also specialized in gynecology or pediatrics; the second, which combines medicine with artificial intelligence, offers the possibility of receiving a diagnosis by entering symptoms. However, when you are treated in health, it is recommended to always trust professionals: our center offers the possibility of contacting us via WhatsApp to receive a first request and book the most appropriate advice for the specific case.


In case of especially critical situations, or true medical emergencies, we always recommend contacting the ambulance number 118 or 112 , the new single emergency number in the extreme south of Sardinia, and take a closer look at the Sardinia emergency service.

In those cases in which there is no need to wait for an emergency, even an emergency (in emergencies identified with a white and green code), it would be advisable to go to medical centers specifically designed for tourists.

First, ask for hope. Many menus, the emergencies of southern Sardinia are overloaded and, the menus, are exceeded with higher emergency codes (such as yellow or red), so they must remain locked for hours (even up to 10 hours) and thus lose time beautiful vacation impossible to return.
Second, overcome the language problem. It is difficult to communicate in an emergency, even more so when speaking different languages. This is a problem that occurs in the emergency room in southern Sardinia, where the medical and healthcare staff always speak only Italian.


problemas de salud en cerdeña

It is in this scenario of Cagliari and the south of Sardinia that our private medical center SOS Tourist Medical Center is inserted, created specifically to meet the needs of tourists. We offer, upon payment, a high-level service, without waiting lists and with immediate response times. Our service also includes (for a fee) the possibility of receiving the doctor at home, in your hotel or accommodation (home, B&B, villa,…).

Our multilingual staff is capable of providing support in their own language from the first moment: from the telephone contact or via WhatsApp, during the visit and in any prescribed medical therapy, communication between doctor and patient will not be a problem.

At the end of our health service, we will issue the invoice and medical report, with a complete report, valid to obtain reimbursement from your health insurance.