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The prestigious Trustindex website has awarded us the Trustindex Review Certificate for Excellent Service.

Hard work and always having the patient at the center of attention pays off!


Websites that continuously maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and comply with a high level of security protocol can obtain a Trustindex certificate.

The evaluation concerns:


Reviews credibility Certified

Customer reviews showcase the level and quality of service a website provides.Trustindex collaborates with 132 review platforms to provide website visitors easy access to all real and verified reviews in one place.Reviews from other platforms are displayed and added to the ratings only if they are proven spam-free and meet Trustindex’s guidelines.


99% issue-free services Certified

Trustindex continuously measures the satisfaction of your customers based on evaluations. Less than 1% of the customers surveyed indicated a problem.


Verified business Certified

The website’s contact information and business information has been independently verified by Trustindex.


Data protection Certified

The website is constantly checked for security issues by Trustindex: Safe Browsing: no problems detected – Not a Blacklisted Site – Valid SSL certificate – E-mail is spam-free